Chief of the StB Investigation Administration

List of chiefs:

  • 1950: Sixth Sector (investigative) – Commander Lt. Col. Lumír Kroček
  • 1950: deputy commanders: Staff Captain Milan Moučka and Staff Captain Bohumil Doubek
  • 1951: StB HQ – Investigative Sector VI/A – commander Staff Captain Bohumil Doubek
  • 1951: StB HQ – Investigative Sector VI/B – commander Staff Captain Milan Moučka
  • 1953 – 1956: State Security Investigation Administration of the Ministry of the Interior – chief Lt. Col. Milan Moučka
  • 1956 – 1963: – chief Josef Brůcha
  • 1963 – 1969: – chief Štěpán Hajný
  • 1971 – 1973: – temporarily entrusted with command Lt. Col. Jiří Jansa
  • 1973 – 1985: – chief Major General Rudolf Šubrt
  • 1985 – December 1989: – chief Lt. Col. Ondrej Tomko
  • December 1989 – 1990: – chief Lt. Col. Vladimír Dlouhý

Standing at the head of the StB Investigation Administration was the chief, who from 1960 was immediately subordinated to the Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Czechoslovakia. On behalf of the administration, the chief was authorised to act and decide in full as were, to a more limited extent, his deputies. The chief and his deputies formed the leadership of the Administration.

The chief was in full commanded of the unit in matters of investigation and was responsible for the Regional Directorate of National Security Corps State Security Investigation Divisions and the StB Investigation Department for Military Counterintelligence. He reported to the Deputy Minister of the Interior.

The advisory bodies of the chief of the Administration were the staff and the operational meeting, whom he appointed. The chief of the Administration determined the circle of questions discussed by the staff and the operational meeting and the manner and form of presentation of documents for discussion. The chief of the Administration set up additional permanent or temporary advisory bodies or commissions as required. The chief's staff was a standing advisory body.

The chief led activities directly or through his deputy, whereas he was in particular:

  1. responsible for the operational capacity of the department, the moral-political status and discipline of its staff, the efficiency and effectiveness of work and the systematic improvement of forms and methods of work;
  2. managed the performance of state security investigations conducted by StB investigators throughout Czechoslovakia;
  3. ensured in state security investigations precise adherence to laws, orders and other legal regulations, and a steady increase in the political and professional level of staff;
  4. decided under the conditions laid down by the Criminal Procedure Code on local and substantive jurisdiction between the StB's investigation units and local jurisdiction for offences against state security committed abroad; 
  5. concerned with adherence to the basic concept of work in the state security investigation department; 
  6. proposed solutions to crucial issues regarding the organizational structure in the StB investigation to relevant officers of the Federal Ministry of the Interior;
  7. set in accordance with composition tables and numbers the organizational structure of the Investigation Administration of the StB and proposed the organizational division of the investigation departments of the StB Regional Directorate of National Security Corps;
  8. proposed the appointment of StB investigators to the Minister of the Interior of Czechoslovakia and relevant officers of the Federal Ministry of the Interior responsible for the appointment and removal of state security officers within their nomenclature;
  9. exercised cadre and disciplinary authority over subordinate workers to the extent stipulated by special regulations;
  10. handled complaints and motions from citizens regarding the procedures of the StB investigators in the conduct of state security investigations and took measures to remedy identified deficiencies;
  11. consulted with the StB department chiefs about the main issues regarding cooperation in the state security investigations and ensured cooperation with other SNB departments;
  12. issued orders, methodological guidelines and instructions within his sphere of responsibility for the management of investigative work and the operation of the service;
  13. ensured compliance with the principles of protection of classified information at the Administration;
  14. fulfilled the obligation to inform high-ranking officers of the Federal Ministry of the Interior;
  15. convened nationwide work meetings and seminars for state security investigators and gave motions to convene interdepartmental meetings;
  16. organized, in cooperation with the International Relations Department of the Secretariat of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, within the framework of existing treaties, international contact with the security authorities of other socialist states in matters of state security investigations;
  17. applied at the relevant departments needs and requests related to ensuring the material and technical performance of the state security investigations.

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