main enemy

According to Communist terminology, the imperialist state or cluster, whose forces and resources, including scientific and technological potential, were the decisive basis for organising and coordinating aggressive political, military, economic, espionage and ideological actions against the world socialist community as a whole, Czechoslovakia as part of it, the international Communist and workers' movement and progressive forces in various world regions, as well as the national liberation movement. The main enemy was the United States of America, whose government, representing the highly reactive forces of the US military complex, carried on an aggressive policy of global confrontation with the USSR, stepped up efforts to achieve US military and strategic superiority over the USSR and of NATO over the Warsaw Pact, and intensified pressure on the vast majority of countries in the developing world to remain in the power sphere of imperialism.

The Communist intelligence service organised its activities on the territory of the main enemy, its allies, and its affiliated states, especially where its bodies, military bases and relevant intelligence bases existed.

See also: Czechoslovak intelligence service

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