Section 80 of Directorate I

  • Section for the execution, steering and coordination of foreign intelligence activity from the territory of the ČSSR

The Section was crated by re-organisation on 1 April 1982. It carried out, organised and coordinated the foreign intelligence activity from the territory of the ČSSR, in line with the focus and tasks of Directorate I. It carried out its own intelligence acitivities and directed the work of regional sections of Diredcotrate I, it carried out the activity between the operative sections of Directorate I and counterintelligence units of the Federal ministry of interior, especially in the localisation, typisation and recruiting activity, and further in the protection of Czechoslovak communities abroad, the defence and protection of economic interests of the ČSSR abroad. It carried out the monitoring of the fulfilment of tasks given by directives of the chief of Direcdorate I and the work plan of the regional sections of the State security.

- end term -